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Shixiang Space, as a leading independent art promotion agency and collection institution in China, is an art center integrating contemporary art gallery and artwork collection as well as academic studies. It was founded by Li Dajun, which is based on Chinese Modern Art and New Painting and is made up of The 20th Century Modern Art Department and Contemporary Art Department. It is aimed to promote the artists with significant roles in history and cooperate with some important Chinese contemporary artists to present their states and works in various periods. Pursuing the philosophy of "Preach by art and build on collections", it serves as an important institution in contemporary art ecosystem.

Shixiang Space serves as a gallery and providesconsulting on art brokerage, dedicated to cooperating with domestic andoverseas art institutions, which has formed its effective management abilityand credit system with extensive customer resources and influence.

 “Ya WuJiang Xin” is a service operation platform with the core of art copyrightdirectly under Shixiang Space. It offers such services as the authorization ofartists’ copyright, the development of art derivatives, scanning, copying andcustomization of artworks. It enjoys a batch of modern art masters andcontemporary avant-garde artists’ copyright resources and authorization alongwith advanced service devices.

Shixiang Space founded a modern andcontemporary research institution, dedicated to independent academicresearches. Fu Ren Academy Art Museum is subordinate to Shixiang Space, inwhich there are galleries specially set up for two modern art masters, Wu Dayuand Zhang Guangyu, fully displaying their original works, manuscripts anddocuments. Thus, it is the authority to promote and study the two art masters.

Shixiang space is also a well-knowncultural space in Beijing as well as an important platform for culturalexchange and communication, which is also made up of Shixiang Lecture Hall andLiterary Saloon, which plan and hold all kinds of trans-boundary cultural andartistic exchange projects.